Color confinement

My physic friends network confirms that this is not a hoax:

Here is the lead pic and accompanying caption:

The color force favors confinement because at a certain range it is more energetically favorable to create a quark-antiquark pair than to continue to elongate the color flux tube. This is analoguous to the behavior of an elongated rubber-band.

Quick, reroute the color flux tubes to divert color force into the hadron jet! (The principle is simple, really, it’s just a rubber band but made out of pair-bonding quarks.)

Biologists and other fields have been content to develop their secret lingos using a few new words and a lot of acronyms. It never occurred to us to simply re-use common words to mean utterly different things so that when I’m talking about “underpants” I actually meant “retrotransposons”. That genius is reserved for physics.

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