Harvard Genetics Retreat 2009

Was kind of sad this year having a “retreat” in a slightly different building in the same city. I amused myself by constructing a genetics “buzzword bingo” list.

  1. Slide showing a signaling pathway with >= 15 proteins named
  2. Messing with this gene causes cancer
  3. Anything involving stem cells
  4. Microarray data
  5. High throughput / deep sequencing
  6. RNAi
  7. Animal model vaguely resembling a human disease
  8. GWAS
  9. Messing with this gene makes this tissue/organ look funny
  10. Epigenetics
  11. Mass spec data
  12. FACS
  13. Evolution
  14. A photo that makes you lose your appetite
  15. Apoptosis is mentioned
  16. HAIRBALL (aka. “interaction network“)
  17. Anything related to sex (eg. chromosomes)
  18. RNA splicing
  19. Bacteria
  20. Yeast
  21. Plant
  22. Worm
  23. Fly
  24. Fish
  25. Mammal

Although silly, I found this actually helped keep me paying attention to talks. I applied it to the last session and almost got a BINGO, but Norbert Perrimon’s signaling pathway slide only had 13 proteins. So close!

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