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From Science magazine news Hobbit Redux? article:

Paleoanthropologist Lee Berger of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg discovered the bones while on vacation in Palau in 2006. (His wife had deliberately chosen a remote, young island because it was unlikely to have fossils on it).


Looks like my Genetics article was overdue for a “good article” rating. I think I’ll work towards getting a featured article rating, the GA reviewer encouraged me to do this…

The double-blossom article was in the Did you know section of the front page for seven hours yesterday morning. It got the top spot, with the pretty double impatiens photo.

Did you know…>

… that double-flowered mutants (pictured) were first documented over two thousand years ago by Theophrastus and are found in many popular flower varieties — including carnations, camellias, and most roses?

I made this new wikipedia article in the last couple days and have submitted it to the Did you know
project for display on the main page.