Antsy Acacias

While reading up on giraffes and acacias on the internet, I noticed that the acacia featured in the original Science article wasn’t in Wikipedia at all – not even a stub! The acacia, Acacia drepanolobium (Whistling Thorn) has a ton of info about it lying around on the internet, so it definitely deserves a wikipedia entry.

I found a creative commons photo on Flickr and the photographer, Martin Sharman, graciously changed the licensing on the photo to allow for commercial usage so I could use it in the wikipedia article. So I made the article, and I think the subject is pretty cool – this tree has a neat symbiosis with several species of ants, check it out.

3 thoughts on “Antsy Acacias

  1. Hannah

    Hi Madeleine – It’s Hannah Peck from way back at Chester. : )
    I stumbled upon your blog awhile ago. I really enjoy your comics too, they are really funny. I also have a blog: It’s pretty random mostly about scifi books I’m reading. I’m going to email you a longer update tonight. We haven’t talked in so long!


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