Monthly Archives: December 2007

DIY framing

I just framed a couple things by myself at the Framer’s Workshop in Brookline Village area. It took a while, but it was fun to do it by myself! And I guess it doesn’t cost so much, either.

The first is a painting I bought on Etsy from Shayla Maddox.

The second is an awesome original of an online comic strip that I got in return for a donation a long, long, long time ago from Jeffrey Rowland. The comic strip “When I Grow Up” has since finished but you can still read it online. I’m too lazy to dig through archives to locate the exact strip, so I’ll just show you my pictures. I hung it up in the bathroom, for obvious reasons once you read the strip.

NOTE TO MY PARENTS AND RELATIVES: This comic strip contains a dirty joke!!! If you read it please pretend you didn’t so I won’t be embarrassed!! (I’m talking to you, Mom.)