I’ve set up a new site for comics, now this can revert to being a random thoughts blog. Maybe I’ll add little notes on the subject contained within the comic. There’s a new comic there right now, Winged and a Prayer. There’s a captcha, so hopefully commenting will be easier.

Did you know that the gender of bees is based on ploidy? Female bees (workers and queens) are diploid, with two copies of each chromosome (like humans). Male bees (drones) are haploid, containing only one copy of each chromosome (like sperm and egg cells). Fertilized eggs turn into female bees, unfertilized eggs into males.

Worker bees can actually start laying eggs, but unlike queens the worker bee cannot mate. She cannot produce new workers or queens – only male drones. The worker bees only do this when the queen has died and the hive is queenless – thus, it’s a sort of last gasp effort to get the genes out.

4 thoughts on “Buzz

  1. Mitch

    It appears that the RSS feed for contains invalid URLs. When attempting to access the comics from the feed one is directed to “” where n is the number of the comic. Unfortunately the server reports that URLs of this pattern cannot be found. The site itself and your link to the latest comic in this post use this pattern: “”

  2. Iain

    I’ve really enjoyed your few but high-quality blog posts and comics over the last year or so. I hope you keep both up.

  3. Madeleine

    Thanks! (Sorry I didn’t say that earlier.) It’s really cool to hear from people that I didn’t realize were reading!


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