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Madeleine Price Ball is Director of Research at the Open Humans Foundation and co-founder of the Open Humans platform. Previously a postdoctoral fellow and graduate student in George Church’s lab at Harvard University, she continues to volunteer as Director of Research at the Harvard Personal Genome Project. She rarely blogs, but occasionally tweets.

Her husband, Chris Ball, has his own blog. He works at Keybase.io and likes to talk about computer things. And photos.

Madeleine used to edit Wikipedia under her real name (but has been too busy recently). She believes it is the world’s most efficient education tool. For example, as of 2013 around 5 million people read the Genetics page in the five years after Madeleine created most of its content. In 2008, she work with Chris, Ben Schwartz, and Wade Brainerd to put together an offline Wikipedia shipped to over two million children with OLPC laptops. You too can become one of the most efficient teachers on Earth! Just edit Wikipedia.

Madeleine’s graduate work was in biotechnology, applying high thoroughput sequencing methods to develop a new genome-scale assay for DNA methylation. She attended Caltech in ’97-’98 & ’99-’02, graduating with a Biology major. (They still made her do some physics though.) Before this she attended La Jolla High School, as did her three awesome younger siblings.

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